Here at The Purple House, we are beginning to explore and implement a wide variety of projects for sustainable living. We recycle greywater, and keep a backyard poultry flock. Our land is both naturescaped (including natives, raingardens, and drought-tolerant plantings), and includes several permaculture techniques like hugelkultur, companion planting in guilds, and an herb spiral.

I write about the specific things we’ve done and plan to do, as well as the theory and ideas behind the practice. Interested in learning more? Read away. 🙂

Mirrorhaven’s Articles on Sustainability:

Naturescaping and Permaculture at The Purple House – More of a “before and during” than a “before and after.” Naturescaping and permaculture projects at The Purple House so far. (With pictures!)

Ending River Pollution with Rain Gardens – What is a rain garden and why should you have one?

Planning Next Year’s Food Crops: My First Big Seed Order – My seed-related plans for the garden next year, struggles as an inconsistent seed watcher, and the experience of eating our first homegrown herbs.

Confessions of a Cardboard Addict – Why cardboard is so useful in a garden and the lengths to which I’ll go to acquire some

Digging the Rain Gardens, Part 1 – The story of our back rain garden. (With pictures)

Digging the Rain Gardens, Part 2 – The story of our front rain garden. (With pictures)

Cookie-Cutter Permaculture – Why “plug and play” solutions like chicken tractors and herb spirals aren’t really permaculture, and what is.

Articles that are Kinda-Sorta Related:

You’re Not as Necessary as You Think – Why in both parenting and gardening, we try to involve ourselves even when our kid or garden is weaker for it. And what to do instead.