Heard on the way to my midterm

Hush, my love.

Do not think you need to rush.

I know it’s tempting, this coming up out of yourself and into the hurry.

You missed the bus. You needed to.

You didn’t study for the midterm. It wasn’t necessary.

Trust, breathe. Let go of agenda.

Drop this thing you’re tempted to call worry which is in fact just a confusion you have about togetherness.

Trees meet at the roots and the leaves. Except in extraordinary karmas, their trunks are their own.

No one needs you to meet them in their fear. This is a misunderstanding of togetherness.

I won’t tell you to reach roots to the earth or branches to the sky because you are in your own configuration. Not every moment must be expansive. There is no need for triumph right now.

Curl around your soft parts. Whimper in your den. Stay with you.

Do not hurry. Do not worry.



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