Invitation to a Circle of Compassion

Some time ago, a respected elder in my path and dear teacher invited his students to join in a practice called a Circle of Compassion, a practice of simply coming together to hold a space of compassion, meditation, and prayer using the tools he’s given us. It took me a long time to feel firm enough in my own meditation to respond to that invitation, but last month it suddenly seemed that there were no more excuses.

So David and I held a little Circle of Compassion in his business space, The Light of Saint Michael Healing Arts, and it was powerful and beautiful. I walked away feeling renewed and strengthened from the real grounded light we’d all experienced. This month we are holding our second circle, and expanding the invitation – to include you.

The form is an opening guided meditation, followed by a short reading on love and compassion. Then we take some time to silently meditate, and finish by bringing forward anything or anyone (or parts of ourselves) for whom we want to consciously hold compassion. The emphasis is not to fix things, but simply to allow the force of compassion to arrive, and to see what happens. Last time it all took a little less than an hour.

We’ll be gathering on Tuesday December 20th at 6:30pm at The Light of Saint Michael Healing Arts – 4115 NE Roselawn St. Portland, OR 97211.

If you plan to attend shoot me an email at There is also a Facebook event page here.

Please join us if you feel called. <3

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